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Red stag

Red stag hunt on the rut


Red stag is without any doubt one of the most impressive European trophies, hunting them in the forests of the Italian Alps grant one of the most fascinating hunting experiences in the continent.

Red Stag hunt during the rut is a “listen and stalk” hunt. Surrounded by their roaring you will approach them into the woods in the lower parts of the mountains simply following their rut, engaging them a short distance and having usually just few seconds to take the shot.

Red stag can also be hunted above the tree line, in a spot and stalk hunt where the spooky attitude of the stag may require very long shots. A typical day will start before sunrise for the morning hunt, still in the dark hunters will approach the areas where stags are rutting in the forest, walking often on difficult terrain.

Depending on how the hunt goes, hunters will usually get back to the hotel for a short break and lunch before leaving again on the evening hunt a couple of hours before dark.

Suitable for

Hunters wishing to hunt one of the most representative trophies of the old continent, in a challenging but extremely rewarding environment, without giving up on a pleasant mountain stay, enjoying the small lakes and the great September weather with their families.


Why will you like it?

  • Hunt one of the mostly densely populated areas in the Alps, with high quality free range mountain red stag

  • Experience the Italian Alps, their brutal rock walls and gently grazing lands

  • Select the most suitable setting according to the hunter as well as non hunters wishes

  • Visit Langhe region with its Barolo and Barbaresco wines and white truffles

Duration 2 - 3 days
Location Piedmont
Season September – December (rut: Sept 15 Oct 10)
Other animals Chamois, Roe Deer, Red Fox
Airport Turin, Milan

Exploring the region

The North-Western Alps in Piedmont region will host our red stag hunt. The hunting area is only 1 hour from Turin allowing guests to chose among a more traditional mountain hotel or staying in the city and traveling to the hunt on a daily base.

Turin, first capital of the Italian Kingdom, is one of the most interesting cities to be visited in Italy and can offer a great variety of activities such as visits of amazing royal castles and modern art museums, great restaurants, shopping opportunities, cooking classes and many others.

Driving distance you will find another region among the most interesting in the country such as Langhe, with its “two golds”: Barolo wine and white truffle, making of this area one of the most important food and wine destinations.

Other animals

red stag

Roe Deer

red stag

Alpine Chamois

mouflon sheep

Mouflon Sheep

wild boar

Wild Boar

red stag