Alpine Chamois

Chamois hunt in the greatest mountains of the old continent


The highest peaks of the Italian Alps grant the most outstanding hunting experience in the Country: chamois hunt in Italy being the most among them. Up into their most typical terrain, the highest peaks and rocks, you will spend the whole day walking in the mountains looking for the right trophy to shoot.

In the lower mountains with easier access the hunt is less physically demanding, walking on dirty roads or waiting them in good areas and enjoying a lunch time break. In a standard chamois hunting day it is possible to spot 20-30 animals but it is not uncommon to find larger groups of up to 50-70 individuals.

Roe deer, wild boar, foxes and, occasionally, mouflon sheep can be found as well in certain areas. Chamois hunting in Italy is among our most appreciated programs and, thanks to our 4 very different areas, every hunter can find what he is really looking for: ranging from lower mountain areas suitable to hunters wishing to try for a record trophy chamois to areas characterized by stunning peaks and a sophisticated and private environment, offering the feeling of hunting at a friend’s place.

Suitable for

Hunters wishing for the most typical among all mountain hunts, with chances on record size chamois, without giving up on top class services and the opportunity to enjoy Italy with family and friends.


Why will you like it?

  • One of the best areas in the world to obtain record trophies of Alpine Chamois

  • Experience the Italian Alps, their brutal rock walls and gently grazing lands

  • Visit Langhe region with its Barolo and Barbaresco wines and white truffles

  • Hunt some of the most exclusive hunting estates, staying at the owners chalet with your family and friends

Duration 2 – 3 days
Location Piedmont – Valle d’Aosta
Season September - December
Other animals Red Stag, Roe Deer, Red Fox
Airport Turin, Milan

Exploring the region

The North-Western Alps, bordering with Switzerland and France, will host our hunts. Both Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regions can be reached in 2 hours from Turin or Milan. Set of the original Italian Kingdom, these regions are known for their castles as much as for the Barolo wine, among the most important in the world, white truffle and the culinary traditions. Valle d’Aosta hosts all the highest mountains in the Continent.

Other animals

red stag

Roe Deer

mouflon sheep

Red Stag

mouflon sheep

Mouflon Sheep

wild boar

Wild Boar

red stag