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  • Experience the most exciting and well organized wild boar driven hunts in Italy
  • Discover the “Braccata Maremmana”: one of the most typical hunts in Italy
  • Measure yourself with the most difficult shooting in Italy
  • Share your exiting day with group of friends, Italian hunters and beaters


“Maremma” is an area, including southern Tuscany and northern Lazio, famous for its wild but gently landscape characterized by the “Macchia Mediterranea”, composed by think woods, with small bushes and field representing the essence of Mediterranean vegetation. This specific part of Italy is the habitat of the largest population of wildboars in the country and the place where, through centuries, these animals entered the tradition, culture and history. The importance of wild boars in Tuscany can be recognized in the culinary traditions as well as, obviously, in the hunting opportunities offered.

Wild boar driven hunt in Tuscany (the “Braccata maremmana”), is one of the oldest and most typical hunts in Italy. Hunters meet all together in the early morning and, after having drawn the blind, will move into the woods and arrange themselves in a line. The sound of a horn announces to dozens of beaters that all hunters are in the right position and represent the signal to release hundreds of dogs to make the hunt start. By that moment hunters will alternate minutes of total silence, when no dogs are trailing wild-boars, and moments of indescribable emotion with the wood seeming to explode because of the hundreds of barks, broken branches and shouts, when a wild boar pushed by the dogs is getting closer. Once the wild boar is pushed towards hunters positioned in the middle of the think Macchia Maremmana, they will have just a few seconds to understand from which bush he will jump out and to prepare for the shot. Wild boars will alternate long stops, defending themselves by the dogs, and quick runs to try to escape therefor the hunter needs not only to pay attention to understand the right moment and place to wait for the animal, but also a great responsiveness to take the shot in the fraction of second the wild boar can be seen. These everlasting seconds can be so exiting that even the most experienced hunter, living them for the first time, will find himself trembling minutes after the wild boar has been shot.

Wild boar driven hunt in Italy is totally different from any Monteria or driven hunt in other countries thanks to this typical landscape and offers an incomparable experience not only for the excitement of the hunt and the quality of the animals but also for the ancient social traditions where, regardless the age or the social class, hunters and beaters collaborate to obtain the pray.

Wild boar hunting, in order to offer guests an experience both emotionally rich and safe, takes place in wide fenced territories characterized by thick woods where animals gain great protection. The estates selected by Italian Safari have long lasting experience in managing wild boar hunt and, thanks to their organizational skills and the beauty of the places, they represent some of the best areas in the center of Italy to experience this highly emotional hunting.

Every hunting group is usually made up of at least 6 or 8 hunters and, although a single day hunt can be organized, at least a two days driven hunt is usually recommended as it offers guests the chance to fully understand and appreciate the Italian wild boar driven hunt as well as granting to every hunter to shoot the wild boars. Every hunting estate is within one hour driving distance from some of the most important cities in Italy, offering the choice to spend the evenings in the country estate or visiting places like Florence, Siena or Rome. The proximity to important touristic attractions as well as the great traditions related to this hunt make wild boar driven hunt in Italy a perfect program also for non-hunters. For groups who want to make their hunting experience also a “Grand tour” of Italy, is also possible to combine wild boar and pheasants driven hunts in various estates, from the northern tip of the country to the south, towards Rome.

Guests will be welcomed by a bilingual guide upon arrival at the airport and will be accompanied to the hunting area or to the hotel. All Italian Safari hunts include the presence of a World Hunting Society member taking care of each and every hunting or non-hunting need of our guests.


As most of the wild boar hunting estates are located near major cities, guests will have the chance to choose between an accommodation in five star hotels in the city center or in luxury private residences in the countryside. All the accommodations are selected and proposed to guests in advance in order to respond to their particular needs as well as to maintain the exclusivity and sophistication of every Italian Safari hunting experience.


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