…opening exclusive Italian hunting estates to world wide enthusiasts

ItalianSafari offers luxury hunting travels to Italy with complete accomodation for the hunters and their families.

Our mission is to help hunting passionates breathing the Italian lifestyle while hunting in the most exclusive and exciting location. Discover our hunting travel:

Hunting travel

Hunting in Italy represents a very different experience from any other hunting program. Unfortunately, to a passionate foreigner, hunting in Italy can prove very difficult as most of the best hunting estates are still owned by the ancient noble families allowing the access only to their restricted group of friends. On the other hand, the hunter who has the chance to hunt in Italy will be able to take part in a two thousand year old hunting tradition that grants a sophisticated experience in every region, from the exclusive driven hunts in Tuscany to the mountain hunts in the Alps. Thanks to its vital art, glamorous cities, great history and stunning landscape, Italy is one of the world’s most important touristic destinations. Every Italian hunting program always grants hunters and companions an exclusive hunting experience and the chance to visit these cities as well as these landscapes, where one can enjoy the boutiques of luxury fashion brands or world renowned vineyards and breath the real essence of “Made in Italy”.

Hunting season

The hunting season in Italy varies depending on the animal and region. In central Italy hunting season starts in mid-June for roe deer and continues, with different periods depending on the animal, until March. In the Alps, the hunting season starts in early September and closes in mid December. Driven hunts for pheasants and wild boars are between October and January. In specific hunting estates, animals such as wild boars and pheasants can be hunted year round.

Hunting laws, permits and gun importation

Hunting in Italy is highly regulated: public hunting areas, quotas and seasons are defined every year and permits are subject to a precise authorization process. Every hunter needs to have acquired a hunting permit in his or her country of origin and, depending on the country, must go through a specific authorization process.  We manage the full process for our guests, who only have to provide us with their own hunting permit.

How to get in Italy

The main international airports fly to Milan and Rome, both with direct flights from the US. Other airports (Florence, Turin, Venice…) are connected to all other main European airports.

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