Pheasant hunting over pointing dogs 


Pheasants are found all over the country but only few places still have a wild population. Our focus is to offer top-quality, wild pheasants hunt and the area we hunt in Umbria offers one of the best opportunities in the country for the sportive pheasant hunter.

English Setters or Pointers will assist the hunter who will have to work hard in order to shoot the wild birds used to run far in front of the dogs before flying. This hunt, far from a commercial bird hunt, is not a volume hunt: every pheasant shot is a challenge able to offer great hunting experiences!

The area also hosts some wild Italian hares that can be hunted in combination with pheasants, as well as grey partridges. Big game is also available and can be combined with pheasant hunts to offer an even more complete and interesting experience: wild boars can be hunted all year long while non-trophy roe deer and fallow deer in specific periods.

*This hunt is available to small groups or as part of an Italian Safari hunting and tourism program

Suitable for

Small groups of hunters and their friends wishing to experience the essence of small game hunting in Italy or Sportive hunters wishing to visit Italy and enjoy the countryside as much as touring with their families and friends 


Why will you like it?


    • Experience the relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere of hunting with pointing dogs
    • Combine your tour in central Italy with a couple of days hunting in the countryside 
    • An incomparable hunting experience in extraordinary locations overlooking vineyardsolive groves and tuscan villas 
    • Test some of the highest end Italian guns 
Duration 1 - 2 days
Location Umbria
Season October - January
Other animals Italian hare, grey partridge, wild boar 
Airport Rome or Florence 

Exploring the region

Base for this hunt will be Umbria, known to be what “Tuscany was 20 years ago”, with a wild countryside, vineyards, and small medieval villages. The two areas are few miles apart, near the medieval village of Gubbio and Perugia, 2 hours from Florence and Rome. Cities like Siena and Assisi can be visited during the day.

Umbria is also known for the regional cuisine based on game, black truffle and salami.  As roe deer hunting season falls during summer, this hunt is probably the best one in Italy to experience when wishing to spend a longer holiday in Italy, having the chance to visit some of the greatest Italian attractions in the most enjoyable time of the year.  

Other animals

mouflon sheep

Mouflon Sheep

mouflon sheep

Red Stag

red stag

Roe Deer

red stag

Alpine Chamois

wild boar

Wild Boar