Your family will love it

Italy is the only country worldwide where non-hunters will look forward as much as the hunters to start the tour!


93% of our guests come with non-hunters: we focus on them as much as on the hunt! Every region in Italy has an unmatched tourism offer, regardless the area you will hunt, your family will have the opportunity to spend the time visiting cities like Siena or Florence, castles, vineyards or olive groves, joining a cooking class or visiting an Italian artist, shopping for top-fashion boutique or pieces of craftsmanship.
Getting back from your hunting day you will not find your wife waiting for you: you will have most probably to wait for her coming back from her activities!

“Use your hunt to have a great Italian tour, or use your Italian tour to have a great hunt”
Italy has some outstanding hunting opportunities, but did not became the most popular tourism destination worldwide because of that!


Visiting Italy grant breathtaking sightseen, add to it the authentic local touch hidden behind the closed doors of a private vineyard, a century old palace or a factory of made in Italy and you will have your tourism experience of a lifetime.
All the essence of “Experience Italy as we live it” is found in our guided Italian Safari Privè tours. You will gain access to places not available to any other tourist, that will be opened to you thanks to our network of personal relations.
Dining in a private palace with the owning family, visit the factory of an Italian Supercar, enter the Sistine Chapel after the closing hour or brought yourself to the balcony overlooking the Siena’s Palio: this is how we would like to show you Italy.


Give us a sense of your dream and we’ll channel our creativity, deep regional knowledge and network into crafting your unique and exceptional Italian experience.
Self-guided trips combine the hallmarks of any Italian Safari tour (authentic hotels and restaurants, activities and knowledgeable local tourist guides) with the freedom of spending each day exactly the way you like.
We will design your tour answering questions about the places to visit, how long to stay in a city or how to reach your destination and we will support you being at your call at any moment of your tour.



In bocca al lupo!