Italian Safari proud himself to offer the very best hunting opportunities in Italy. We only hunt privately owned hunting areas, representing some of the very best in the whole country. We provide our guests with the best equipment and we operate according to the Italian hunting legislation. We are personally responsible for the quality of our work: most of our hunts are guided by one of the owners of Italian Safari.
We define our programs to answer different needs in terms of hunting goals, level of tailoring, number of guests and budget requirements.



SUITABLE FOR: guests looking for a true hunting experience to be lived with other hunters more than a specific animal or a large trophy. During these short programs, available only on a limited number of pre-determined dates, you will hunt, with other 2 or 3 hunters, for non-trophy roe deer, wild boars, chamois and others.
Price Range per hunter 500 € – 2.000 €



SUITABLE FOR: small groups of hunters, travelling together to enjoy great hunting experiences as much as the time spent among friends. You will have the opportunity to hunt trophy roe deer, chamois and others in our best hunting estates reserved in exclusivity to you and your group of friends.
Price Range per hunter 2.000 € – 5.000 €



SUITABLE FOR: the hunter aiming to the best of Italian trophy hunting, combining it with tourism and other activities to share with his family the real essence of an Italian Safari experience. This hunts benefit of the highest flexibility in terms of dates, trophies, locations and tourism activities as well as the best services available.
Price Range per hunter 5.000 € – 10.000 €



SUITABLE FOR: the hunter whose goals run far beyond the standard hunting packages. The access to various areas, the combination of multiple animals or the search for a specific record trophy are only examples: we will overcome boundaries to answer yours and your family’s wishes with the most complete, tailored and exclusive hunting and touring experience.
Price Range per hunter 10.000 € – 20.000 €



Accessing the inaccessible, in Italy and Europe.
Price Range per hunter > 20.000 €


We aim to offer you an unforgettable Italian experience, not only on the hunt but on your whole stay in the Country. For this reason we put the same effort in organizing your non-hunting tour. Our tours leverage on our private network as well as the knowledge of each location. We select for you the best boutique hotels, private villas, small countryside castles. We organize guided tours of the main cities as well as private experiences all over the country. We offer two different level of support:



Self-guided trips combine the hallmarks of any Italian Safari tour (authentic hotels and restaurants, activities and knowledgeable local tourist guides) with the freedom of spending each day exactly the way you like.
We will design your tour answering questions about the places to visit, how long to stay in a city or how to reach your destination and we will support you being at your call at any moment of your tour.

Why Consider a Self-Guided tour
Leverage on our planning expertise in defining the most suitable tour.
A selection of authentic hotels according to each person preferences.
A local touch in the suggestions of restaurants, tourist guides, activities and places to be seen.
Our Director at your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We design our Self-Guided tours taking into consideration also the previously defined budget: most programs start at a minimum of 600€ per couple per day.



All the essence of “Experience Italy as we live it” is found in our guided Italian Safari Privè tours. You will gain access to places not available to any other tourist, that will be opened to you thanks to our network of personal relations.
Dining in a private palace with the owning family, visit the factory of an Italian Supercar, enter the Sistine Chapel after the closing hour or brought yourself to the balcony overlooking the Siena’s Palio: this is how we would like to show you Italy.

Why Consider an Italian Safari Privé
For the Flexibility granted by our fully dedicated guides.
To reach places out of the beaten tourist routes.
To experience thematic itineraries designed accordingly to your passions.
To learn about the country by the people you meet.

Our Italian Safari Privé tours push to the limit the level of tailoring; prices vary accordingly: most programs start at a minimum of 1.500€ per couple per day.