Pheasant shooting in Tuscany

Experience the most exclusive and sophisticated hunt in Italy

Why You Will Like It

  • Experience the best pheasant shooting in Italy with daily bags often exceeding one thousand animals
  • Access the most exclusive and sophisticated hunting estates in Italy
  • Hunt in different estates from the Alps to Rome in the same tour
  • Benefit of an “all inclusive” price, with no bag limits


Hunting in Italy historically represented, especially in the central regions, a social opportunity for the higher classes and noble families. Hunters would meet one another in their friends’ country palaces where they could indulge in groups hunts; pheasant shooting represented for centuries the most exclusive hunt in Italy. The most beautiful countryside estates were dedicated to this activity and defined age-old hunting traditions. Nowadays, some estates still practice pheasant driven hunts and allow one to experience not only some outstanding hunting opportunities but also an atmosphere which has remained unchanged for centuries.

Thanks to great personal relations, Italian Safari grants access to some of the most exclusive and recognized pheasant shooting in Italy, not only in terms of hunting results, but also in terms of the atmosphere of the hunting estates. Italian Safari pheasant driven hunts take place in various regions including Tuscany, Piedmont and Umbria. Every hunting destination has its own characteristics in terms of landscape, quantity of animals, accommodation and organization of the drives. Typically the day starts with a typical Italian breakfast where hunters draw lots for their positioning within the line. After a cappuccino or an espresso, together with the “carichino,” who will have the assignment to reload (“caricare”) the guns during the shooting, hunters move to where the first drive take place. Once the line is positioned, beaters will start walking in the woods in front of the hunters to force pheasants towards the line. During every drive hundreds of birds fly over the hunters and thousands of cartridges are shot. Every pheasants shooting day has 4 or 5 different drives, with a light snack in between consisting of olive oil, typical cold cuts and a glass of white wine. At the end of the hunting day, typically in the early afternoon, hunters walk back to the palace and, once refreshed, enjoy lunch all together discussing the results, the shots taken and the hits and the misses. At the end of the lunch all hunters move to the tableau to see the results of the pheasant shooting day.

Every line is usually made up of 8 to 10 hunters and, although a single day hunt can be organized, at least a two days driven hunt is usually recommended as it offers guests the chance to fully appreciate the places and experiences they move through as well as to improve their shooting skills. Every hunting estate is within one hour driving distance from some of the most important cities in Italy, offering the choice to spend the evenings in the country estate or visiting places like Florence, Siena, Turin or Rome. The proximity to important touristic attractions as well as the relaxed and sophisticated kind of hunting make pheasant shooting in Italy a perfect program also for non-hunters. For groups who want to make their hunting experience also a “Grand tour” of Italy, is also possible to organize driven hunts in various estates, from the northern tip of the country to the south, towards Rome. This incredible hunting tour will allow guests to spend a few days hunting pheasants always in constantly changing landscapes, from the thick woods in Piedmont to the hilly vineyards of Tuscany. Guests as well as their companions will also, during this incredible tour of Italy, visit all the main cities and attractions of the country, the benefit of a highly professional and luxurious organization.

Guests will be welcomed by a bilingual guide upon arrival at the airport and will be accompanied to the hunting area or to the hotel. All Italian Safari hunts include the presence of a World Hunting Society member taking care of each and every hunting or non-hunting need of our guests.


As most of the pheasant hunting estates are located near major cities, guests will have the chance to choose between an accommodation in five star hotels in the city center or in luxury private residences in the countryside. All the accommodations are selected and proposed to guests in advance in order to respond to their particular needs as well as to maintain the exclusivity and sophistication of the hunting experience.


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