Mouflon hunting and big game hunting in Sicily

The most interesting European trophies overlooking the Mediterranean sea

Why You Will Like It

  • Overlook Mediterranean Sea while hunting for wild boars, red deer and mouflon sheep
  • A great variety of big game, with record trophies of mouflon sheep
  • Explore Sicily, its historical sites, cities and culinary traditions
  • Relax in the Mediterranean sea or in the pool of your luxury private villa


Hunting mouflon sheep, red or fallow deer or even a wild boar from a high seat, always grant to hunters some great emotions when, with no premonition, the animal suddenly appear from the wood. Living the same moments while overlooking Mediterranean Sea confer an aura that ensure an unforgettable experience to every passionate of this kind of hunt.

Sicily, separated by the main land only by the narrow strait of Messina, is the southernmost region in Italy as well as the largest island in Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is characterized by one of the most various landscapes in Europe, varying from the great Mediterranean coasts through the dry inland to the highest active volcano in Europe. Despite this great variety, Sicily is also one of the driest regions in Italy and most wild animals find a difficult habitat. Mouflon sheep and wild boars are the one that better adapt to this dry countryside and their number increased to became some of the greatest population in the whole country.

Mouflon hunting, as well as wild boar hunting, is mainly conduced at sunrise and sunset when the animals get out of the woods to move towards the open areas. Despite mouflon mainly move in small herbs and, in some cases, even during the day, the mouflon hunt is one of the most difficult as the animals are extremely suspicious and the smallest movement of the hunter will result in a breathlessly run.

Italian Safari hunting in Sicily takes place in a 400 hectares private fenced area bordering the western coastline of Sicily. Thanks to the long time, quality management, the estate host today the greatest number of mouflon, red deer, fallow deer and wildboars of the region and also offers great chances for small game hunt such as ducks and woodcocks. The unrivaled position, with its high seats overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, make of this estate one of the most beautiful fenced areas in Italy.

Big game hunting in Sicily requires a minimum of three days hunting. Every day the hunter will have the chance to obtain great trophies of mouflon sheep and red deer as well as wild boars and fallow deer, but a slightly longer stay further ensures the highest success rate. Guests will be welcomed by a bilingual guide at Palermo airport and will be transferred to the hunting area. All Italian Safari travels are guided hunts and include the presence of a World Hunting member taking care of each and every hunting or non-hunting need of our guests.

As hunt is mainly conduced at sunrise and sunset, guests will have the chance to explore one of the most visited regions in the world, offering some outstanding experiences for every kind of tourism. Geographically in the center of the “ancient world” Sicily went through different dominations: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs travelled to the island, leaving vestiges of their magnificent civilizations behind. The small surrounding islands host some of the most beautiful coastline in the whole Mediterranean Sea, while an incomparable culinary tradition fulfill every touristic experience in Sicily



Hunting in Sicily offers allow the experience to stay in some of the most typical accommodations in Italy. The standard accommodation of Italian Safari’s hunting in Sicily is an old Kasbah in the center of a small village few minutes away from the hunting estate. This property is set in an elegant, historic building and allow guests to experience the sophisticated atmosphere of the old Sicilian private palaces. Despite the classic, old style atmosphere of the uniquely decorated rooms and apartments, a good level of modern comfort are available as air conditioning, satellite flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi. This outstanding private palace does not have a restaurant but some of the most typical restaurants of the city are located at walking distance. Thanks to its position, the hotel is the perfect base to explore nearby sites such as Selinunte Archeological Park, the Temple of Segesta and Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples as well as some of the most beautiful wild life Nature and marine reserves in Western Sicily.
For families looking for a longer stay, with the comfort of a swimming pool, other kind of accommodation are available as a 5* resort in front of the sea while, for a truly luxurious stay, private villas are available in the same area.


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