Luxury Alpine Chamois hunting

Experience exclusive chamois hunting in the King’s estates

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  • The most exclusive Alpine Chamois hunting estate
  • Extraordinary environment offering breathless mountain hunt experiences
  • Luxurious accommodation in the middle of the mountains
  • Explore the king’s medieval castles and hunting palaces in the middle of the highest European mountains


Among all the regions in the Alps, Valle d’Aosta is probably the most inaccessible and representative hosting all the highest mountains of the continent such as Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa and Cervino. This spectacular mountain scenario has been historically considered one of the best mountain hunting regions so as to be chosen by the former Italian Royal family as its own private chamois hunting ground.
Chamois are the most craved animals in Italy, not only for the size of the trophy but also for the kind of hunting it requires. World Hunting Society is proud to offer one of the most exclusive chamois hunts in the Alps, near Monte Bianco, the highest European mountain. Chamois hunting takes place in a private estate of 4000 hectares, bordering on Gran Paradiso National Park, the former shooting ground of the Italian Royal family. The estate has been hunted by the same family since the first years of the twentieth century and, thanks to long time game management, currently represents one of the best areas in the Italian Alps to experience chamois hunting.
The high mountains, rocky escarpments and white glaciers constitute the perfect setting for one of the most extraordinary hunts in Europe. Every mountain-hunting enthusiast has to face, if only once in a lifetime, the challenge offered by the shy nature of the animal and the harshness of the places they go through, and the satisfaction experienced from the capture is an unforgettable moment for all true mountain enthusiasts.

Italian Safari guided chamois hunt in this area take place between 1800 and 3000 meters a.s.l. in a stunning mountain scenario. Hunters will spend the whole day walking through the valleys looking for the right chamois. The huge chamois population will offer the hunter a high number of exiting moments during the day when, without being seen by the animals, he will approach them to look for the right trophy. Despite the high altitude of the mountains this area offers some very good trophies with various entries in the SCI record book.

Chamois hunting varies a lot depending on the season. During the warmer months of September and early October alpine chamois often stay on the highest peaks requiring hunters to take very long and tiring approaches. Especially during this period a good physical condition, though not essential, is important to experience this hunt at its best. Later in the season, when the weather gets colder and the snow starts to cover the mountains, chamois climb down the peaks and are easier to be approached. In late November males enter into the rutting season and tend to move much more, chasing  each other for females. This time of the hunting season is extremely exiting as chamois move continuously and offer lot of thrilling moments to the hunter.

Hunting chamois in Italy requires a minimum of three days hunting. Most of the chamois hunts end within the first couple of days but a slightly longer stay further ensures the highest success rate. Guests will be welcomed by a bilingual guide at Turin or Milan airport and will be transferred to the hunting area (200 km). All Italian Safari travels are guided hunts and include the presence of a World Hunting member taking care of each and every hunting or non-hunting need of our guests.

During or after the hunt guests will have the chance to visit Valle d’Aosta, where the real spirit of the Alps resides. Positioned between Turin and Monte Bianco, it allows visitors to experience the antique way of living characteristic of the Italian Alps, with its medieval castles, culinary traditions and stunning views. Most of the northern Italian regions can also be visited in an extended program. Starting with Langhe, one of the most important culinary regions in Italy and part of the UNESCO World Heritage, with its white truffle, Barolo and Barbaresco, then Turin, the first capital of Italy, with its elegant architectural style and impressive contemporary art collections and finally Milan, Italian’s fashion capital.



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