Apart from arts, history and cities, what makes Italy known worldwide are wines and culinary traditions. What tourists understand once in Italy is that both wine and food are not only simple “products” but a true way of life, characterized by small producers and age old traditions. Few regions in the country can represent better than Langhe these two typical Italian ways of life. Langhe, part of UNESCO world heritage, is characterized by a hilly countryside where vineyards and small woods are punctuated by ancient little villages. From this region some of the most recognized and luxurious culinary products of the world as Barolo and Barbaresco wines as well as white truffle originated. Activities like wine tasting, in this Italian Safari extension, find in Langhe one of the best regions with hundreds of small, family owned, Barolo and Barbaresco producers not to mention, between September and December, white truffle hunts offering hunters a great and unusual experience with the grand result of a dinner based on the rare truffle.

This region is located between the Alps, where chamois hunting takes place, and the hilly part of Piedmont, habitat of the roe deer, wild boar and pheasant. Considering the great level of accommodation available, the various touristic attractions as well as the proximity to some of the most interesting Italian cities as Turin and Milan, a visit to Langhe is a perfect solution for hunters looking for a complete, sophisticated and relaxing experience of the Italian countryside lifestyle to be thoroughly lived and enjoyed with their families and companions.

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