Italian roe deer hunting in central Italy

Experience roe deer hunting in one of the most well-known regions in the world

Why You Will Like It

  • Hunt the Italian roe deer: a trophy found only in Italy
  • An incomparable hunting experience in extraordinary locations overlooking vineyards and olive groves
  • Endless tourism opportunities making this hunt an unrivaled experience for any hunter aiming to share his passion with others


Few regions in the world boast a reputation such as that of Tuscany. Centuries of history resulted in some of the most visited and appreciated cities in the world such as Florence, Siena, and Pisa, with their majestic palaces, breathtaking cathedrals and matchless art collections. Even more appreciated by visitors is the tranquil, hilly countryside warmed by the Mediterranean sun or glowing in the moonlight. With its local vineyards of Chianti and Montalcino, the olive groves and cypresses-line roads, Tuscany is a truly inimitable part of the world. Then, adding to these incredible views, the presence all throughout the countryside of ancient private villas, castles, hamlets and “agriturismi”, it becomes clear how Tuscany offers a unique, relaxing and sophisticated experience to every kind of tourist.
Tuscan bucolic way of life created centuries-old hunting traditions and, still nowadays, it is probably the Italian region where hunting is more practiced. The typical Tuscan countryside, where huge Mediterranean forests flourish and thrive, is the perfect habitat of a great number of wildlife, with roe deer being the most representative.

Italian roe deer is the most elusive animal to be hunted in Italy and its natural habitat is in the small groves of Tuscany and in the Appennino mountains. The shy nature and the crepuscular habit make the roe deer hunt a romantic experience where hunters will be captivated by wonderful sunsets sinking into Tuscan’s vineyards and behind its cypresses while waiting for the animal. Suddenly, when the roe deer appears from the wood, the hunter is surely in for a thrilling experience.

Since the animal is extremely territorial, in a long term, sustainable hunting perspective roe deer hunting pressure needs to be kept very low, and this is the reason why World Hunting Society selected a small number of private estates where access is granted only to a restricted group of hunters. All the estates are privately owned and, still nowadays, hunting is managed mainly for the pleasure of the owners and their exclusive group of friends granting the highest quality level of hunting organization, game management and services. Every Tuscany roe deer hunting estate is characterized by small woods, where animals spend the day, spaced out by vineyards and small fields where roe deer find their favorite feeding. The region also boasts the best landscape for wild boar hunting in Italy.

The Italian Safari guided roe deer hunt in Tuscany takes place mainly in the Siena and Florence regions. Hunters will at sunrise and sunset wait for the animals just outside the woods, in a comfortable hideout on a thee or hidden on top of a small hill. Without being seen by the animals, hunters will have the chance to observe the nature around them: female and young roe deer as well as pheasants, hares inhabiting the seemingly never ending succession of vineyards, forests, cypresses and small, ancient villages. Absorbed in this romantic scenario, the hunter will experience an incomparable and unexpected excitement when, without any notice, the male of roe deer will appear just in front of him. Stalking roe deer is also possible in the afternoon, and the hunter will have to prove his skills on approaching the shy animals without making them aware of his presence.

Hunting roe deer in Italy requires a minimum of three days hunting. Most of the roe deer hunts end within the first couple of days, but a slightly longer stay further ensures the highest success rate. Guests will be welcomed by a bilingual guide at Rome or Florence airport and will be transferred to the hunting area. All Italian Safari travels are guided hunts and include the presence of a World Hunting member taking care of each and every hunting or non-hunting need of our guests.
As the hunt is conducted at sunset and sunrise, guests will have the chance throughout the rest of the day to choose between an endless Tuscan touristic offer ranging from wine tasting in Chianti, cultural visits of cities like Siena and Florence as well as relaxing in the surroundings of the estate. Roe deer hunt is therefore an unparalleled hunting opportunity for every hunter aiming to share his passion with others. In an extended program guests may experience the typical Italian sense of beauty offered by Tuscany. The refined spirit and great preservation have rendered cities like Florence, Siena and Pisa among the most beautiful in the world while countryside villas are home to world-famous vineyards such as Montalcino and Chianti. Tuscany, more than any other region in Italy, allows guests to experience whatever they are looking for: from artistic and historical tours, to relaxing vacations with countryside activities in the hills, to the shopping in the most well-known fashion brand boutiques.


Roe deer hunting in Tuscany offers a luxury hunting experience as well as luxurious accommodation. The Tuscan countryside is famous for the large number of great accommodations ranging from the distinctive Agriturismo to the most exclusive ancient private villas. Guests will typically stay in a small inn deep within the countryside. The “agriturismo” represents the most typical accommodation in Tuscany and it offers, besides a high level of services such as swimming pools and comfortable rooms, the best way to experience the pastoral way of living that has always and continues to characterize the region. Most “agriturismi” also produce olive oil or wine and guests will have the chance to taste the products of the estate.
Guests wishing to experience the most exclusive and sophisticated part of Tuscany will choose one of the famous ancient private villas to be used as a base for the hunt, to explore the region as well as to relax in complete freedom, making of the stay a real luxury big game hunting holiday.
To complete the incomparable accommodation offer of Tuscany it is also possible, in certain areas, to stray into ancient hamlets or castles now rearranged as 5* luxury hotels both in the center of cities and in the countryside.

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