Trophy Alpine Chamois hunting in Italy

Measure yourself with the largest Alpine Chamois in Italy

Why You Will Like It

  • One of the best areas in the world to obtain record trophies of Alpine Chamois
  • Combine Alpine Chamois hunt with European Red Deer hunt in great alpine scenario
  • Visit Langhe region with its Barolo and Barbaresco wines and white truffles


The southern part of the Italian Alps represents one of the most interesting regions for big game hunting in Italy. Across a few hundred miles the Alps fall from the highest peaks in Europe to the Mediterranean sea: the particular climate, as well as the large presence of National Parks, create a perfect habitat for most of the European big game allowing trophies to reach record size. In these areas Italian Safari organizes chamois hunts and red deer hunts that guarantee some of the most interesting hunting experiences in Italy. Chamois hunting takes place in the highest part of the mountains, just outside the woods, and it provides a unique mountain hunt where hunters will move across the valleys to spot the animals and stalk them. Red deer hunting methods depend on the period selected: the best time to hunt red deer is during the rut season when the mountains resound of the red deer male’s roaring. Hunters will approach red stag guided by the noise of the rut at the first light of morning. Hunting red deer in Italian Alps becomes much more difficult later in the season and hunters will be forced to look for them in the woods and plains of the lower part of the mountains.

The particular climate conditions, the lower altitude of the mountains (hunting take place between 1000 and 2000 meters a.s.l.), and the huge chamois population make these areas some of the best places in the world to get large trophies of alpine chamois. World Hunting professional guides and gamekeepers, together with an accurate game management, have allowed Italian Safari hunts to ensure over the last few years a 100% success rate on chamois hunting and outstanding trophies exceeding often 100 CIC points and, every year producing various entries in the SCI record book. Few areas in the world can ensure a similar quality of trophy alpine chamois as well as the chance to combine this hunt with magnificent European red deer, roe deer and wild boar hunts.

The hunting tour proposed represents the typical Italian hunt in the mountains. Guests will spend the days stalking chamois or, during the rut season, approaching stags in mountain woods. Although not essential, to experience this hunt at its bests a good physical condition is helpful, especially during September and October when, still waiting for the snow, chamois overlook the valleys by the peaks forcing the hunter to undertake sometimes difficult approaches. Later in the season, when the snow covers the meadows, chamois climb down the peaks and it is easy to find them at lower altitudes, but hunters will have to trek in a more difficult and tiring environment.

Hunting chamois in Italy requests a minimum of three hunting days. Most of the chamois hunts end within the first couple of days, but due to weather conditions a slightly longer stay ensures the highest success rate. Guests will be welcomed by a bilingual guide at Turin or Milan airport and will be transferred to the hunting area (100 km). All Italian Safari hunts include the presence of a World Hunting member taking care of each and every hunting or non-hunting need of our guests.

During of after the hunt guests will have the chance to visit Langhe, one of the most important culinary regions in Italy, part of the UNESCO World Heritage, home of some of the most well known and beloved luxury Italian food products such as white truffle, Barolo and Barbaresco. Many other interesting destinations can be reached by a short car ride such as Turin and Milan, making this hunting tour a perfect experience also for non-hunting guests as well.



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