Why we are the leading outfitter in Italy… because our guests say that!

Why our guests say that? Here our explanation:


We don’t hunt an area “simply” because we can access to it, we hunt an area because it is the best Italy can offer on the specific hunt. How we select them?

  • Privately owned: all our areas are owned by a single family, sometime since more than 500 years.
  • Low hunting pressure: together we the owners and their restricted group of friends, we are the only one allowed into the hunting estate
  • Conservation: a long-term view in the game management, aiming to conserve animals and environment over the centuries, resulting in a population density and trophy quality well above the average
  • Environment: everything contributes to the “experience”, the beauty of the landscape, the quality of the accommodation and people, the attention paid to our hunting traditions
  • Ethical hunt: all our areas operates under severe ethical rules, promoting correct and sportive hunting behaviors, with a positive contribution to the local areas in terms of jobs and correct management of the meat.


We believe the best guide is the one who care the most about you: nobody cares about Italian Safari’s guests more its owners. For this reason, Emanuele, Luca and Leone, partners of the company, guide all Italian Safari’s hunts.


We built a solid reputation in under-promising and over-delivering. This reputation is proven by being the only Italian big game outfitter member of all major hunting organizations (SCI, DSC, HSC, CIC, Ovis) or by the articles and reports about us on many thematic publications as The Hunting Report or Grand Slam as well as the collaboration with some of the most important subjects in the hunting community. More than all of these, our reputation is based on our previous guests reviews, check them in our references page or ask us for contact details of some of them.


In bocca al lupo!