…opening exclusive Italian hunting estates to world wide enthusiasts…

While offering them and their families an unforgettable and exclusive Italian experience…


The experience

The reward that travel hunting never fails to provide is an experience which forever remains in our memories. Sometime “the experience” is the trophy, the broken record, the suspense of the approach or the thrill of the shot. Others might find something unexpected: unknown hunting traditions, beautiful landscapes and the immersion in a new, and in many ways still unexplored, country. I have hunted in more than 15 countries and all across Italy always looking for this “experience,” which represents the idea behind as well as the goal of our Company. The access to the best estates and great hunting results allowed us to become, in a very short time, the leading outfitter in Italy; but in order to go even further in the search for “the experience,” we try to always enhance our guests’ experience, allowing them to dive into the secrets of one of the world’s most visited countries. Each person, solitary hunter, team member or observer, has his or her own personal reasons for visiting Italy, a country so diverse in so many ways which gives us the chance to tailor the experience to the individual. When arranging a hunt, we strive tirelessly and joyously to understand the experience desired by each and every guest, guiding them along the right path which leads not only towards the achievement of hunting goals but also towards a unique and authentic Italian experience.

This is our inspiration and our purpose: not simply to organize hunts, but to provide experiences.

                                                  Leone Rossi di Montelera


What is Italian Safari
World Hunting Society, with its “Italian Safari” programs of hunting in Italy, is the leading outfitter in the country. Italian Safari came from a simple observation. The best hunting estates in Italy are still owned by the ancient noble families who have maintained, over the centuries, great hunting traditions. However, these properties are accessible only to owners or their restricted group of friends. Italian Safari was founded to open up these exclusive Italian estates to worldwide enthusiasts while offering them and their families an unforgettable and exclusive Italian experience.


Who is the team
Leone Rossi di Montelera is the General Manager as well as one of the founders of World Hunting Society. After a career in investment banking and a top consulting firm, Leone decided to devote himself to his first true passion. Big game hunting amateur, Leone has hunted in more than fifteen countries, mainly in Africa and Europe, but it is in Italy where he mostly pursues his passion. Belonging to the exclusive Italian hunting world, Leone has access to some of the best hunting estates of the country and, within World Hunting Society, he is responsible for the selection of the hunting areas and the organization of the programs.


Emanuele Coen is one of the owners of World Hunting Society and he is responsible for the management of the hunting areas, the coordination of hunting guides as well as the definition of the fishing itineraries of Italian Safari. Belonging to a passionate, five-generation mountain hunting family, Emanuele started his hunting career at a very young age in the Alps. He spends a large part of his free time in the mountains monitoring the situation of game and preparing the hunting season and in doing so he plays a major role for in obtaining the consistently great results of Italian Safari Alpine hunts. 


Who we work with
The quality of our services and organization is also proved by the partnership with some of the most important hunting-related organizations in the world:

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Hunting in Italy represents a very different experience from any other hunting program. Unfortunately, to a passionate foreigner, hunting in Italy can prove very difficult as most of the best hunting estates are still owned by the ancient noble families allowing the access only to their restricted group of friends. On the other hand, the hunter who has the chance to hunt in Italy will be able to take part in a two thousand year old hunting tradition that grants a sophisticated experience in every region, from the exclusive driven hunts in Tuscany to the mountain hunts in the Alps. Thanks to its vital art, glamorous cities, great history and stunning landscape, Italy is one of the world’s most important touristic destinations. Every Italian hunting program always grants hunters and companions an exclusive hunting experience and the chance to visit these cities as well as these landscapes, where one can enjoy the boutiques of luxury fashion brands or world renowned vineyards and breath the real essence of “Made in Italy”.

Hunting season
The hunting season in Italy varies depending on the animal and region. In central Italy hunting season starts in mid-June for roe deer and continues, with different periods depending on the animal, until March. In the Alps, the hunting season starts in early September and closes in mid December. Driven hunts for pheasants and wild boars are between October and January. In specific hunting estates, animals such as wild boars and pheasants can be hunted year round.

Hunting laws, permits and gun importation
Hunting in Italy is highly regulated: public hunting areas, quotas and seasons are defined every year and permits are subject to a precise authorization process. Every hunter needs to have acquired a hunting permit in his or her country of origin and, depending on the country, must go through a specific authorization process.  We manage the full process for our guests, who only have to provide us with their own hunting permit.

How to get in Italy
The main international airports fly to Milan and Rome, both with direct flights from the US. Other airports (Florence, Turin, Venice…) are connected to all other main European airports.



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