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Every Italian Safari hunt is a tailored program, specifically designed to address your personal wishes and desires.
The choice of the hunting area, accommodation and guide, the chance to obtain record trophies, to combine various animals or to discover different regions are all aspects we carefully study in order to create «the experience» our guests are looking for. We will put the same effort in taking care of non hunters organizing for them cooking classes, wine tastings, history and art visits, shopping and every other interest they will have while you are enjoying your passion.
While hunting in Italy with us, you will access some of the most exclusive privately owned hunting areas, taking advantage of the combination of centuries old game management, low hunting pressure and fully dedicated services. We hunt in Italy 14 different areas in six different regions, offering quality trophies on 7 of the main European big game animals.
If a record size chamois, a roe deer in Tuscany or Italy itself are high on your list, take a look at our programs and references or simply contact us!

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All our programs are tailored from the very beginning: we would love to sit together to fully understand your dreams and the experience sought after but, being in different countries, a phone call is the best alternative.
Please fulfil all the required fields and let us know your preferred communication method: in case of a phone call, we will contact you by phone during working days in the local time frame you will indicate in the form (address), in any case both the email and address are vital for future communications.
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